National & International Transportation Of Your Loved One

  • When the passing of loved one occurs away from home the added stress of transporting your loved one can feel overwhelming.

  • We will arrange the transportation of your loved one, across the nation, or around the world.

     The most important step when death occurs away from home is to call your local funeral home FIRST.

    Making a mistake can end up being be quite costly.


    We are highly trained in securing travel arrangements for your loved one after the death occurs. Let us help you with this process and together we will arrange for the PROPER care and respect your family member deserves.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Price packages for Domestic Travel:

    Transportation from Chicago including a steel casket, preparation of the body, all necessary paperwork and permits, a container to protect the casket during travel.  $2995.00 

     An alternative type container can be used instead of the steel casket.


    Airline charges are not incuded in the package price.

    We have over 40 years of experience in international transportation regulations and procedures.



    We are also very highly trained in securing international travel arrangements for your loved one after the death occurs. This process can be very complicated and most other funeral homes do not even know where to begin in the process.

    Securing travel to or from a foreign country requires the combined efforts of foreign governments, local consulates, state departments, FAA regulations, and local medical examiners and or coroners. The combined services of local funeral personnel at our end as well as the origination or receiving point are also involved. You NEED to put your trust in a reliable funeral home like ours. Our years of experience in these matters is critical to the safe and proper care of your loved one.

     We secure the necessary translations and preparations of all international required documents.

    We secure the proper care of the body as we respect and fulfill the requirements of the foreign government in respect to proper care and handling of a deceased person.

    We secure the proper seals of approval by all local and foreign consulates, governmental agencies, and medical personnel.

     We work in tandem with the professional people at the airlines to provide travel arrangements that offer the utmost CARE and SECURITY that your loved one deserves.

    Call for a price quote

    Pricing depends on the regulations of the other countries, the shipping requirements as far as containers and paperwork, the airlines and FAA guidelines which vary greatly from country to country.

     Also the charges of the receiving funeral care specialist that will assist you at the destination will also have to be considered. These charges can very greatly depending on the complexity of the arrangements required once your loved one arrives safely at their destination on their way to their final resting place.

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