"Our family welcomes you and appreciates the opportunity to help you." Ernie and Colette Severino

With many funeral homes being purchased and managed by large corporate franchises, families who choose our funeral home find a welcome difference. Severino's River Woods Funeral Chapels is proud to be locally owned and operated by the Severino family.


Our family's attention is devoted to satisfying the needs of the families we serve. This is our business, our reputation, and you can be assured we take great pride in keeping our professional service at the highest level. The funeral business is built on trust, and we want you to know we will be there personally for you.

We want you to know us not just for business. When you drive by our funeral home you will find the owners inside. Our commitment is to provide a meaningful service in keeping with your desires and requests.

Funeral Trends



In 1990, as funeral prices began to rise at alarming levels and after the implementation of the Federal Trade Commission's rules and regulations imposed on funeral homes (FTC Funeral Rule on itemization). Funeral operators formerly priced their merchandise and services so that, whether families selected all or none of the services, the costs were the same. Funeral homes had little motivation to explain to families a less expensive service can be arranged and other options were available.


Ernie and Colette Severino started the Original "Alternative Funeral Services" pioneers in affordable yet dignified funeral services.


Their philosophy was to educate and inform the consumer of all the options and alternatives available to them so services could be directed toward their needs and wishes whether it be of financial or religious reasons, with all their choices presented.


 In these hard economic times the funeral industry is changing again. Our State and National economic stability is in question and the National debt is out of control, jobs are disappearing and families are loosing their homes. 

Closure is important and families in need should not have to pick less service because of financial problems.

We again have developed a solution to dignified services without having to compromise service.






Our normal business hours are

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00pm


If you are in need of our

services after hours,

we are reachable 24 hours a day