History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

Established in 1995 and opened in 1998. We are a funeral home that provides Cremation and Burial services. We specialize in international transportation of your loved one. We believe every family should be given the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Valued Staff

  • William Conlon

    William Conlon, Funeral Director

    Bill has served the Chicagoland community for almost 50 years. He was born and raised in Iowa. He came to Chicago to fullfill he dreams of being a funeral director. Bill has been with the firm for over 20 years. He is compassionate and dedicated to the families he serves. Bill is always caring and his gentle nature has been a comfort to many families in their time of need. Bill enjoys movies and theatre.

  • Stacey  Vallarta

    Stacey Vallarta, Funeral Director

  • Maria Pantelis

    Maria Pantelis, Funeral Assistant

  • Eileen Corliss

    Eileen Corliss, Director of Operations/Funeral Director

  • Tom Chung-Il Suh

    Tom Chung-Il Suh, Funeral Director - Licensed Preneed Agent

    Tom Suh is the representative of Hankook Funeral Services Inc. He served as the chairman of the Korean American Presidents Association, representing Koreans in the United States, bringing together and uniting the Korean American community scattered throughout the United States. His business success and contribution to society began with the sudden death of his mother-in- law, who visited the US 30 years ago. Her death shocked and saddened the entire family. He shared the memory, "As we held a heartfelt funeral, we felt their hearts settle." Since then, he has become a funeral director, empathizing with the grief of those who have lost their family and helping them to say goodbye comfortably. Solomon Theological Seminary has appointed him an honorary doctorate in psychological counseling because his sincerity has comforted many who have lost their loved ones.Director Suh attributes his success to the support of the community. As a director of the Korean American Scholarship Foundation, he provided scholarships to Korean students studying in the United States. He served as aboard director at Hanul Family Alliance and worked hard to benefit the elderly and the underprivileged. As president of the Korean American Association of Chicago, he served in the growth of the Korean American community. In recognition of his spirit of service and social contributions, Director Seo Jeong-il received the Richard Daly former Mayor of Chicago Service Award, the former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's Achievement Award, the current Congressman Steve Horsford's Service Award, and the current Congressman's Service Award from Michelle Park Steel.Tom Chung-Il Suh has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer since 1996. He received his license after graduating from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Wheeling. Tom, along with his wife Sue, have two sons and a daughter. Tom and Sue currently attend Hebron Church. Tom has a desire to see all Korean Americans succeed in every aspect of their lives. He is an avid golfer, runs marathons, and enjoys traveling.Director Suh helps our community thrive through the wisdom he has gained thru running many non-profit organizations. He believes that 'humility' and 'harmony' are essential elements of an organization. Being humble helps to respect the opinions of others. When the organization integrates, it will thrive and harmonize with the community. Director Suh's leadership will enable the members of the community to respect and blend, cooperate with the local community, and serve accordingly.

  • Annie Song

    Annie Song, Licensed Pre-Need Insurance Agent - Funeral Assistant

  • Robert Chapelle

    Robert Chapelle, Funeral Director - Embalmer

  • Tom Stechmiller

    Tom Stechmiller, Funeral Director

  • Nancy Prust

    Nancy Prust, Funeral Assistant

  • Alex Babikan

    Alex Babikan, Funeral Director Assitant

  • Kayla Anderson

    Kayla Anderson, Funeral Director Intern

  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith, Wake Attendant

  • Glen Mundle

    Glen Mundle, Funeral Assistant